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Naru Trading & Contracting Company has been established since 1985 and has since that time operated in the field of specialty building.During the time since the company’s inception it has successfully executed several prestigious construction projects.

Naru Trading & Contracting Company is a very innovative company dedicated to the principles of safety and quality.


  • This Quality Manual has been developed for the purpose of co and requirements of Naru Trading & Contracting Company.
  • The manual describes how Naru Trading & Contracting Company will implement an effective system and providing means by which the continuity of the quality system can be reviewed,improved and amended.
  • The Quality Manual will also outline the general requirements and controls that are to be applied to Naru Trading & Contracting Company’s various areas of operation.The ultimate aim is to ensure that all operations are performed of the most efficient, economical manner to a consistent standard acceptable to the customer.

Naru Trading & Contracting Company has continuously expanded to become a well established company within the construction industry through repeated businesses from respected clients. We specialize in reinforced concrete structures and ground works, thus assisting in letting of completed packages with fewer interfaces between separate contractors. The company is currently made up of highly skilled shuttering joiners, steel-fixers and concreters.

These are supported by a dedicated team of our head office. It is our intention that this growth will continue over the forthcoming years through our approach to overring clients quality and value for money.

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