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Naru Trading & Contracting Company is ultimately focused on having the capacity and capability to have the right number of people in its workforce with the required skills focusing on delivering the prescribed business objectives.

Our Workforce Determination Model (WDM) gives us the capacity to identify and predict in advance the number of staff required at any time for individual projects.
With this hindsight, Naru Trading & Contracting Company directly employs a workforce in excess of 180 personnel, including (but not limited to); Engineers, General Foremen, office Administrative staffs, skilled and general labor.

Over 10 years of operations in Qatar, Naru Trading Contracting Company also has the resources and capabilities to acquire up to 400 additional skilled personnel, such as;steel fixers, carpenters and masons.

Supplement to this, Naru Trading & Contracting Company currently works closely with our nominated specialized sub-contractors, whom we are ready to provide the required services on “as-needed” basis to our projects.

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