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Quality Assurance

This manual has been prepared in accordance with the Quality Assurance system to be employed by Naru Trading & Contracting Company.

Naru Trading & Contracting Company has been established since 2007 and since that time operated in the field of specialty building.

During the time since the company’s inception it has successfully executed several prestigious construction projects.

Naru Trading & Contracting Company is a very innovative company dedicated to the principles of safety and quality.


This Quality Manual has been developed for the purpose of communicating the policy, procedures requirements of Naru Trading & Contracting Company.

The manual describes how Naru Trading & Contracting Company will implement an effective system and providing means by which the continuity of the quality system can be reviewed, improved and amended.

The Quality Manual will also outline the general requirements and controls that are to be applied to Naru Trading & Contracting Company’s various areas of operation.

The ultimate aim is to ensure that all operations are performed of the most efficient, economical manner to a consistent standard acceptable to the customer.


It is the policy of Naru Trading & Contracting Company to provide to its client and customers, goods and services that consistently meet the minimum requirements demanded by a particular project or contract and will endeavor to meet the needs and expectations of its customers.

Naru Trading & Contracting Company advises that as a company, it is totally dedicated to its quality policy communicated throughout every area of its operations and at all levels within the companies organization.

Naru Trading & Contracting Company’s executive management has nominated a management representative to be responsible for the development, implementation and maintenance of its quality system, empowering this representative, irrespective of other duties, with the delegated executive authority and responsibility for the implementation of its quality policy.

Compliance with procedures that support the quality system is mandatory, such procedures accurately reflect working practices and can where necessary by modified with the approval of the Quality representative to accommodate improvements recommended by any individual within the company.


The following terms are defined in a basic and fundamental manner and are generally in accordance with International Standard.

Quality Assurance (QA) – All those planned and systematic actions necessary to ensure that the final product will perform it’s intended function. QA is a management tool.

Quality Control (QC) – Those actions related to the physical characteristics of the materials, processes, and services, which provide a means to measure and control the characteristics to predetermined quantitative criteria. QC is a production tool.

Quality Management – That aspect of the overall management function that determines and implements the quality policy.

Quality Policy – The overall quality intentions and directions of an organization with respect to quality policy, as formally expressed by Senior Management.

Quality – The totality of features and characteristics of a product of service that bear on its ability to satisfy stated or implied needs.

Quality Systems Review – A formal evaluation of the status and adequacy of the quality system in relation to quality, policy and new objectives resulting from circumstances

Inspection – Activities such as measuring, examining, testing or gauging one or more characteristics of a product or service and comparing these with specified requirements to determine conformity.

Quality Program – A documented set of activities, resources and events serving to implement the quality of an organization (essentially the written description of a quality system).

The following activities will be planned and controlled in an executive manner.

- Quality plans

- Inspection and test equipment and products

- Compatibility of the design

- Quality Control

- Identification of quality records


Procedures are maintained to control the coordination of tender and contract reviews. Each accepted Tender or Contract Order is reviewed to ensure the following :

The requirements of the contract or tender have been adequately defined and documented to an extent that no ambiguities remain.

Any conflict between the tender and the order contract is suitably resolved.

Naru Trading & Contracting Company has the complete ability to meet contractual requirements within program and budget. Records of contract reviews are retained. Amendments or supplements to the original order are reviewed throughout the contract duration in accordance with the original review procedure.


Naru Trading & Contracting Company has established and maintains documented procedures to control verify and review the design of its undertakings in order to ensure that the specified requirements are consistently met.

Drawings/plans are prepared for each design and development activity. The plans describe or reference these activities and define responsibilities for their preparation, changes and approval.

The design and development activities are assigned to qualified personnel equipped with adequate resources. Plans are updated as the design evolves.

Naru Trading & Contracting Company adheres to a plan identified in its design procedures which for controlling the following activities :

- General Design Control

- Design and Development Planning

- Design Input

- Design Review

- Design Output

- Design Changes

- Design Verification


Naru Trading & Contracting Company utilize a computerized index system to control documents and records. This includes, project identification, drawing identification, revision numbering and the of receipt and distribution.

The documents and data are reviewed checked and approved for adequacy by authorized personnel prior to approval and issue. Naru Trading & Contracting Company has established

and maintains a list identifying the current revision status of documents so as to preclude the use if invalid documents.

Drawings are grouped in numerical order on plan holders, identified by prime cost code account numbers. The documents/ specifications are divided into sections and distributed controlled to the craft supervisors as required for their tasks.

Invalid documents/specifications/drawings on receipt of a revision are promptly removed from all points of issue or use.


Naru Trading & Contracting Company has established documented procedures which ensure that purchased products conform to specified requirements.

Subcontractors & Suppliers employed by Naru Trading & Contracting Company are selected for their ability to meet specified requirements.

The purchasing documents contain clear data describing the product order, type, class and grade (where applicable).

A continually updated schedule of approved suppliers is maintained by Naru Trading & Contracting Company to indicate scope of supply and approval status.


Documented procedures have been developed for the receiving, handling, storage and maintenance of materials and equipment, supplied as part of the contract by the client. Details of customer supplied products that may be missing/damaged, or considered unsuitable are recorded and reported to the customer and are referenced in the procedures identified .


Naru Trading & Contracting Company has established and maintains documented
procedures for identifying the product from receipt and during all stages of production, and installation. Naru Trading & Contracting Company’s material department is bound by the

following general control documents.

- Receiving Inspection report

- Over/Short and damage report

- Material return report


Production, installation and servicing processes which directly aVect quality are carried out under controlled conditions.

Naru Trading & Contracting Company follow documented procedures defining the manner of production, installation, and servicing in conjunction with project reference standards/codes, utilizing specific project developed quality plans.

Naru Trading & Contracting Company monitors and controls process parameters and product characteristics by:-

- Acceptance of materials on receipt.

- Verification by inspection and test during construction.

- Ascertaining the eVecutiveness and efficiency of the protective storage and maintenance programmes.

Appropriate quality records are maintained to provide definitive evidence of qualified processes, equipment and personnel.


Documented procedures are established for inspection and testing activities in order to verify the specified requirements for the productare met.

When a deviation is determined during receiving final or test inspection. Anon-conformance report is raised in accordance.

Inspection and test records :
Records are implemented and maintained which provide evidence that the product has passed specified inspection levels, at the various defined stages in the quality plan.


Naru Trading & Contracting Company has documented procedures to control, calibrate and maintain inspection measuring and test equipment (including test software) to demonstrate the conformance of product to the specified requirements. The maintenance of records of all such calibrations is part of Naru Trading & Contracting Company control.


The Inspection and test status of product is identified by suitable means which indicate the conformance or non-conformance of products with regard to inspection and test performed. Naru Trading & Contracting Company maintains the identification of inspection and test status by documented procedures. These will identify the requirements throughout the production, installation and dservicing of the product.


2 .Naru Trading & Contracting Company has documented procedures to ensure that products that do not conform to specified requirements are prevented from inadvertent use or instant. A documented procedure provides identification, documentation, evaluation, segregation (when practical) and disposition of non-conforming products, and for notification to the function concerned.


2.Naru Trading & Contracting Company has established a documented procedure for implementing corrective and preventive actions.

The procedure in place for corrective action ensures the following :

- Customer complaints and internal NCR’s are eVectively resolved.

- The cause of non conformities are investigated and documented.

- Corrective actions required to eliminate the cause of non-conformities are identified.

- Controls are applied to ensure that the corrective identified action is executed eVectively.


Naru Trading & Contracting Company has developed and maintains documented procedures for handling, storage, packing preservation and delivery of its products.

Naru Trading & Contracting Company provides methods of handling products so as to prevent damage and deterioration.

Naru Trading & Contracting Company has designated storage areas to which are designed to prevent damage to products, pending use or delivery.


Naru Trading & Contracting Company follows documented procedures for their identification, collection. Indexing, access, filing, storage, maintenance and disposition of quality records. These quality records are maintain to demonstrate conformance to specified requirements and the effective operation of the quality system.


Naru Trading & Contracting Company has established and maintains documented procedures for the planning and implementation of internal quality audits to verify that quality activities and related results comply with planned arrangements and to determine the eVectiveness of the quality system.

Naru Trading & Contracting Company’s internal audits are scheduled on the status and importance of the activity. Audits are conducted on a specific part of the quality system at defined periods identified in the audit schedule. Audits will be conducted only by suitably qualified and experienced personnel.

Scheduled audits are carried out to ensure that

The quality system documents adequately define the needs of the company.

The documented procedures are practical, understood and adhered to.

Any training deficiencies are identified at an early stage.

The results of the audits are documented and brought to the attention of the personnel having responsibility for the area audited with the typical reports include the following information

- The deficiencies found

- The corrective action required

- The corrective action completion date


Naru Trading & Contracting Company maintains documented procedures for identifying training needs and provides for the training of all personnel performing activities quality.Personnel performing specific assigned tasks are qualified on the basis of appropriate education, training and experience.

Naru Trading & Contracting Company maintained training records, so that qualifications can be updated and management can identify skill shortages at an early stage.

The Quality Manual will also outline the general requirements and controls that are to be applied to Naru Trading & Contracting Company various areas of operation.

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