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Naru Trading & Contracting Company’s primary responsibilities as a Specialty Building Contracting Company is to provide and maintain a comprehensive Safety Programmes based on the best practices of the construction industry as well as those of our clients and host government.

The Safety Program that will be implemented on this project embodies the prevention of accidental injury, occupational illness and property damage. Naru Trading & Contracting Company will co-operate with the Main Contractor to provide and maintain a safe, hazard free work place for their employees, for fellow workers and the general public.

This Project Safety Program will ensure the involvement and active participation of all Naru Trading & Contracting Company employees assigned to this Project by enforcing the required safety training to promote recognition of unsafe acts, potential and actual hazards and the need for immediate corrective action to be taken. All employees shall be constantly aware of their response to work in a safe manner.



It is our policy to provide and maintain safety and loss prevention programs consist with the best practices of the construction industry as well as those of our clients and host government. This policy is to provide that no employee will be put at risk of life, limb or health by any procedure or standard practice.

Commitment to this safety and loss prevention program is formed and aggressive. It is the responsibility of all managers and engineers to ensure that work is performed with high level of safety to ensure the health of all personnel under their direction. All levels of supervision are responsible to enforce safety procedures within their respective areas of responsibility.

Moreover, it is the responsibility of every employee to support and promote safety and loss programs in order to ensure a safe working environment and successful completion of project with minimum risk.

No employee will operate any powered machinery without a Qatari License if required, and/or certificate of competence signed by a nominated representative of the company.

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